Make A Profit With Your Unused Diabetes Test Strips

5 January 2020
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If you have diabetes, you probably purchase or receive diabetes test strips through Medicaid or your insurance provider, often at a very low cost or even for free because your insurance policy covers it. If you have accumulated a large stash of these test strips because your doctor or insurance sends you more than you need for your testing schedule, you might be sitting on some easy money.

This is because diabetes test strips are not free or low cost for people who don't have access to Medicaid or an insurance policy that will provide them. Diabetes test strips can in fact cost a pretty penny when you buy them through retail instead of your insurance provider. That's why you might be able to sell diabetes test strips to someone who will then resell them to the uninsured for less than retail. That might sound a little complicated but let's break it down.

You Have Boxes of Unused Test Strips That You Got for Free or Very Low Cost

A diabetes test strip box might include 50 to 100 or more test strips. But some people with diabetes only need to check their blood sugar once per day if their condition is not too critical. This means your insurance company or Medicaid might pay for another box of 100 strips every 30 days or so, but you are only using maybe a third to one half of each box each month. Over time, your insurance provider will keep sending more test strips and you'll soon have a stash of unopened boxes.

Test Strip Resellers Help the Uninsured Get Test Strips for Less

Buying a box of diabetes test strips at full retail price is not cheap. If you don't have insurance but you do have diabetes, it might cost you more than you want to pay to get your hands on these strips. That's where test strip resellers swoop in with a solution. They will buy test strips from people who have a stash of unused strips, and then turn around and resell the strips to the uninsured for more than they paid you, but less than the full retail price. 

This way, everyone benefits. You get cash for your unused diabetes test strips. The uninsured get test strips from the reseller for less than full retail price, and the reseller of course makes a profit which is the amount between the price you were paid and the price the uninsured patient paid t them.

Contact diabetes test strip resellers like American Medical Surplus today to unload your unused test strips.