Learn About Curved Stair Chair Lifts for Your Curved Staircase

13 June 2022
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Curved stairs can add great things to the design of your home. They can add a look of sophistication, add more dimension to the space, and even serve as a focal point in the area they are in. However, if you or someone in your home has trouble going up and down the stairs, or can't use them at all, then you should think about getting a curve stair chair lift. If you're unfamiliar with this chair lift, here is more information:

Curved stair chair lifts can be custom-made to fit just about any curved staircase

Your staircase may have a unique design to it. This can have you wondering how you would be able to have a chair lift installed. The answer is that your stair chair lift can be custom-made, just for your staircase. It will be made to go all the way from one floor to the other safely, comfortably, and smoothly. This is important, because the person in the chair may feel vulnerable if they feel they can't trust the lift. However, one ride in the lift will show them they can trust it. 

Convenient features

With stair chair lifts, the seat generally just stops and stays in place at the top and bottom of the staircase. However, when your staircase is curved, things may have to be rearranged to keep the path free and clear for everyone and to help the space look nicer. With a curved stair chair lift, the chair portion of the lift can be designed to offer what is referred to as out-of-the-way parking. This means it will be tucked away so that it's less obvious in the space and doesn't trip people trying to get up the stairs. 

Safety and functionality features

When you have a chair lift installed, including one for a curved staircase, there will be safety features that can include a lap belt to help keep the person on the lift from sliding off it. There will also generally be platforms for the rider's feet to set firmly on as the lift goes up and/or down the stairs. The backs of these lifts also tend to come up a good deal, usually about the same height as a dining chair. This prevents their back and head from touching the wall as they use the lift. If you worry about anyone in your house using your curved staircase, consider equipping a chair lift. 

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