Do You Live Alone And Suffer With Severe Immobility? Why An Electric Wheelchair May Be Best For You

4 November 2016
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Being unable to walk and get around your own home can be tough and extremely frustrating, even more so if you live alone. If your immobility has gotten to the point you need a wheelchair for maneuvering safely, you may wonder which one would be the best one for you. Learn more about the reasons you should choose an electric wheelchair.

Your Upper Body Strength Matters

If you do not have enough upper body strength to manually roll a wheelchair, you should choose an electric chair. This is even truer for someone that lives alone and will depend on his or her wheelchair for mobility around the house and out shopping or paying your bills. If you do not have anyone you can depend on for going with you on shopping trips to push your wheelchair when you are unable to, you will be stuck at home. If you have an electric wheelchair, you can enjoy greater independence and have the option to go out when you do not have someone along with you.

Various Types Electric Wheelchairs Are Available

The kind of electric wheelchair you choose is determined by how you will use it the most. For example, if you spend a lot of your time at home with few trips out to the grocery store or to the doctor's office, an electric chair designed for indoor use on smooth flooring would be your best choice. Many of the chairs designed for indoor use are also portable, making it easy to take with you to stores where flooring is smooth. However, if like to go out on your garden path or you enjoy going out in the yard, an electric chair designed for indoor and outdoor use is the best choice. Electric chairs designed for using outdoors have larger wheels with deeper tread, some having front, rear, or center wheel drive for providing increased maneuverability on rougher terrains.

Steering Styles You Would Feel Most Comfortable Using

Being comfortable with the type of steering on your electric wheelchair is an important consideration. Some people prefer to have a joystick steering mechanism installed on one of the chair's arms. If you have ever played video games using a joy stick, you may have an easier time using one to steer your chair. For some people, handle bars are easier to use for steering their chair. The company you buy your wheelchair from can install the steering mechanism you would prefer.

Living alone and dealing with immobility can be hard, especially when you do not have many people around to help you. When you have an electric wheelchair, however, you can depend on you more often, a great feeling when you cannot get around like you used to. For more information, contact companies like Laguna Medical LLC.