Three Reasons Why You Should Not Let The Word "Refurbished" Prevent You From Buying An Ultrasound Machine

17 August 2016
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Generally, when people see the word "refurbished," they tend to balk at purchasing that product. Why? Usually the reason is because they are concerned about the item's functioning and whether or not it will continue to function for a long time. They may also be concerned about the fact that a refurbished item usually does not come with an extended warranty, which would protect them if the item breaks down in less than a year or two. Naturally, these are valid concerns, but they do not apply to every refurbished item. For example, refurbished medical equipment is equipment in excellent shape, and with good reason. Here are three reasons why you should not let the word "refurbished" prevent you from buying an ultrasound machine, when you are looking to buy such a device.

1. Refurbished Medical Equipment Is Highly Regulated

Because of the absolute necessity to keep patients safe and healthy and "do no harm," refurbished medical equipment is highly regulated. It has to pass intense inspection before it is released for resale. It is safe to use, and is expected to last a much longer time because it has been refurbished with newer, safer components. Because of the very nature of an ultrasound machine, it is a virtual guarantee that your refurbished ultrasound machine will be fully functional and completely safe.

2. Most Refurbished Ultrasound Machines Did Not Have Anything Major Replaced

Most medical equipment, including ultrasound machines, generally do not have any major parts replaced. They come into the refurbishing plants for new wands, upgraded computer chip boards, and other minor stuff that does not impact how the machines operate, but rather improves their functionality and use is par for the course. You could be buying a refurbished ultrasound machine that just needed a replacement trans-vaginal wand, in which case you are essentially getting a nearly new machine for the price of a used one.

3. You Can Always Check the Machine's History

Because medical equipment refurbishment and repairs are regulated, there are records regarding what was done to the machine to earn a refurbishment label. If you are still overly concerned about that label, you can always check the repair history of the machine. Many times, the refurbishments made to each machine are recorded so that if there are future problems with the same components, the repair company/technician can decide to scrap the machine. This is also very helpful to those who choose to purchase the refurbished medical equipment and ultrasound machines because then they can see if the machine would be a worthwhile investment or a financial risk.

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