Four Hearing Accessories To Pack On Your Next Vacation

5 May 2016
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When you wear hearing aids and are planning a vacation, it's a smart idea to make a quick stop at a pharmacy to pick up a pack of hearing aid batteries. With these surplus batteries stashed in your shaving kit or purse, you won't have to worry about going through a period where your battery dies and you aren't able to find a replacement. Beyond batteries, it's smart to also travel with some other hearing aid accessories. You might already have these items at home but not immediately think to pack them, but having them within reach will save you from a variety of hassles on your trip. Here are four accessories to take with you.

Hearing Aid Covers

Hearing aid covers are essentially fabric sleeves that slip over the outer portion of each hearing aid. They're ideal because they keep moisture away, which limits the risk of a malfunction. These are essential accessories to carry on your vacation in the event that you'll be exposed to water. If you're on a whale-watching tour, for example, the splashes of the ocean could soak your hearing aids, but the covers will reduce the risk of any damage.

Cleaning Kit

The last thing you want to experience while you're away from home is a hearing aid that needs a cleaning but you're unable to do so. Over time, earwax can clog your hearing aids. This can make it difficult to access the battery and, sometimes, could even result in an uncomfortable fit. A basic cleaning kit that includes a small brush and a pick will allow you to clean your hearing aids when needed.

Carrying Case

It's a good idea to place your hearing aids in a carrying case when you remove them before bed. This will allow you to slip the case into your luggage or another secure area. While you might leave the hearing aids on your bathroom counter overnight, you likely don't want to do so at a hotel or motel due to exposure to unknown bacteria. A carrying case will help you avoid this issue.

Hearing Aid Band

While covers protect your hearing aids in a damp environment, a band is ideal to place around your head to secure your hearing aids in place during vigorous physical activity. For example, if you're riding a roller coaster, the last thing you want to experience is a hearing aid that slips out of your ear and falls to the ground below. A band, which looks like a sweatband, will help to keep your hearing aids secure.

For more tips for caring for your hearing aids and information about different accessories, talk with an audiologist, such as those at Advantage Hearing & Audiology.