Medical Equipment 101: Three Reasons to Choose Open MRI Machines

22 April 2016
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When it comes to imaging diagnostics, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is one of the best tools that doctors have available. In most offices, doctors use the traditional closed MRI scanner. While this type of scanner certainly does its job, it isn't the only type of MRI scanner available. An open MRI scanning machine is a great alternative.

Why? Here are three benefits of the open MRI machine:

1. Lower Costs

Open MRI scanners have much lower costs when compared to the closed variety. One reason the open variety is more affordable is due to its design. The open scanner features a lot less bulk. It also has fewer electronic systems inside it. This makes the open MRI machine a lot cheaper to purchase and ship.

Another reason open MRI machines are cheaper is due to their lower maintenance costs. Since there isn't as much machine or electronic parts to fuss over, the maintenance is typically easier and cheaper. For example, there is no need for chiller maintenance because the open variety doesn't have one.

2. Easier on Patients

Traditional MRI scanners cannot accommodate everyone. Certain patients, such as those who are larger, may not be able to fit comfortably inside the traditional scanner. However, with the open scanner, people of all sizes and shapes can easily be scanned. In addition, it can be used to scan specific areas of the body, such as the hand or foot. The open scanner is also great for patients with claustrophobia, as they won't be in a tight enclosed space. Finally, the open variety lets caregivers accompany patients. All of these reasons make it great for any office, as it allows you to see and diagnose more patients.

3. Quieter

Another benefit is that open MRI scanners are a lot quieter than the traditional closed scanners. While the noises of the traditional machine certainly aren't a huge problem, it can be overwhelming. The noise might scare patients or hurt their ears. Even if the noise isn't bothersome to patients, it can become annoying to the doctors. So, while small, the quieter design of the open model is quite nice.

As you can see, there are many benefits to open MRI machines. While they might seem odd, they aren't. They provide the same results as the traditional machines. They also feature many benefits that the traditional enclosed machines do not provide. For further information, contact a representative from a company like Ramic Medical Imaging.