Make A Profit With Your Unused Diabetes Test Strips

5 January 2020
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If you have diabetes, you probably purchase or receive diabetes test strips through Medicaid or your insurance provider, often at a very low cost or even for free because your insurance policy covers it. If you have accumulated a large stash of these test strips because your doctor or insurance sends you more than you need for your testing schedule, you might be sitting on some easy money. This is because diabetes test strips are not free or low cost for people who don't have access to Medicaid or an insurance policy that will provide them. Read More 

Inhaler Or Nebulizer – Which One Will Work Best For Your Child?

16 January 2017
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Administering asthma medicine usually happens in one of three ways. Nebulizer Metered dose inhaler (with or without spacer) Dry powder inhaler Each one of these devices operate differently. You may wonder which will work best for your child. To figure that out, you should know a little about how each type works. Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs) - Metered dose inhalers are what people think of when they think of asthma inhalers. Read More 

Do You Live Alone And Suffer With Severe Immobility? Why An Electric Wheelchair May Be Best For You

4 November 2016
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Being unable to walk and get around your own home can be tough and extremely frustrating, even more so if you live alone. If your immobility has gotten to the point you need a wheelchair for maneuvering safely, you may wonder which one would be the best one for you. Learn more about the reasons you should choose an electric wheelchair. Your Upper Body Strength Matters If you do not have enough upper body strength to manually roll a wheelchair, you should choose an electric chair. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Let The Word “Refurbished” Prevent You From Buying An Ultrasound Machine

17 August 2016
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Generally, when people see the word "refurbished," they tend to balk at purchasing that product. Why? Usually the reason is because they are concerned about the item's functioning and whether or not it will continue to function for a long time. They may also be concerned about the fact that a refurbished item usually does not come with an extended warranty, which would protect them if the item breaks down in less than a year or two. Read More 

2 Aids Which Can Help You Get Dressed If You Have Problems With Your Hands

14 June 2016
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When you have any kind of disability, daily living tasks can be difficult or even nearly impossible to do. One big problem can be getting dressed. If you have severe arthritis in your hands or any other disability that affects your hands, buttons can be hard to grasp, let alone fasten, and zippers can require too much force to pull up. Wearing pull over tops and pants with elastic waistbands is one way to deal with the problem with buttons and zippers, having people help you dress is another. Read More